Our Technology

Semantelli takes enterprise social listening engagements of life sciences companies to the next - actionable - level. Semantelli operates in the compliant, Web 3.0 world where every bit of unstructured data gets converted into life sciences specific, actionable insights. Adverse Events are automatically detected and routed in Semantelli! So if you are using a generic social listening platform, you need to give Semantelli a try!
Our state of the art, compliance ready, healthcare specific listening architecture brings out the meaning from unstructured data of Social Media and Web. Adverse Events are automatically detected and routed in Semantelli, making your social listening engagements fully compliant.

Some key features of our platform.

  • Real-time listening of Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Facebook, YouTube and thousands of other social media resources.
  • True global web 3.0 platform with RDF (Resource Description Framework) capability that supports 52 languages out of the box.
  • State of the art Named Entity Recognition (NER), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Trends and patterns of disease states, compounds and treatments through semantic intelligence.
  • Real-time alerts when brands are discussed in 30+ FDA sites (including MedWatch and CDER).
  • Unique alerts when brands are discussed by financial analysts.
  • Unique alerts when brand related Wikipedia pages are updated.
  • Aggregation and trending of scholar publications from Pub-Med and Google Scholar.
  • State of the art sentiment analysis powered by 20 years of academic and commercial research.
  • True Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operated in the secure cloud.
  • Open, flexible architecture that integrates with common CRM tools.
  • Out of the box taxonomy for the Life Sciences industry.